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Key Features
  • Approximately 460 questions for students, 760 for residents, 860 for certification/ re-certification.
  • Custom-create your own test specifying the topics and the number of questions you wish to do
  • Ongoing tracking of your performance via detailed scoring system including real-time graphical analysis
  • Compare your performance with other users to assess your strengths
  • Identifies weaknesses to improve performance
  • Personal accounts with individualized note-taking feature for each question
  • Saves questions answered incorrectly for later review
About NeuroPrep
  • The first and only online database of Neurology Multiple Choice Questions for test preparation
  • Reviewed by the Journal Neurology as a 'highly useful adjuvant study tool': "..intuitive..", "..reliably detailed..", "..aims to provide the best online question bank for neurology examinations, and has succeeded..."
  • Prepared by a pool of outstanding test performers
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